The story of

It all started a little more than 100 years ago when a few good men made the first expedition to explore the Arctic region of Greenland - probably the roughest, coldest and inaccessible area on Earth. The men who returned, came back with a wisdom of nature: They had discovered and explored the biggest island in the world, a country of nothing but ice and snow.

Today we still salute the brave men who took huge risks and discovered the wonders of nature - The amazing Ice Cap and the beautiful country of Greenland.

Distilled with the worlds

The brave men from the past, the amazing Ice Cap and Greenland are all deeply rooted in the soul of ISFJORD.

In 2007 ISFJORD discovered the amazing characteristics of distilling spirits with one of natures best kept secrets: The extremely pure and soft water from icebergs, that naturally breaks from the Greenland Ice Cap and into the sea in Ilulissat - Greenland far north of the Polar Circle. Water that has been preserved as ice for more than 10,000 years, hidden from the outside world, sealed from any pollutants and almost all forgotten. Just until the very moment, when the icebergs scatter into millions of pieces and the local Icermen harvest a few of them, and melt them into the purest natural Water on Earth.

"Water as it should be"

The extreme high quality of the Greenland Ice Cap Water clearly shows in the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) below 5 ppm. This is the absolutely lowest TDS for any water in the World. ISFJORD is the only spirit company in the world to use this unique water in the production. Harvesting the icebergs in the sea is difficult and requires a special technique, and once the icebergs is loaded in water container the ice will melt naturally in 4 - 5 weeks before bottling. We have been using the technique in the harvesting of the icebergs for many years and the icebergs are still floating naturally out into the sea, and are still melting. How ever the global heating has speeded up the melting af the ice in Greenland, and is very clear for us when we look at ice fiords along the shore form south to north, we have to change in the way we live in the world today and ISFJORD also have to look at other solutions in the future in production of the spirit.

“Think Different” in the future

It is clear for ISFJORD that global warming and the fast melting of the ice from the Greenland Icecap is a hugh problem, the long transport of the water from Greenland to Denmark is also an issue that we have to calculate in the future. All this will have an influence on the still growing carbon problem in the world. ISFJORD has been working over the past years to change the use of the water in the products to meet this challenge. It has become more and more common to use local companies when companies are choosing suppliers for the production. We have made an investment in a water purification facility to produce the iceberg water and perfectly match the water profile from the Greenland Icebergs. We are stil using the Greenland water in the products, but we are replacing part of the water with the water from our new water facility. This water manufacturing technique that has become available in the last years will help us to produce ISFJORD products in a much better way to the environment and will also be much more carbon neutral and will keep the same unique smoothness and taste that is so characteristics to ISFJORD products. 

We will all ways be looking for the best way to keep the high quality in our products, and one of the most important issues to keep the smoothness and balanced taste, is the iceberg water profile we use in the distillation.


The finest natural botanicals

ISFJORD Premium Arctic Spirits begins with a pot/colon distillation on the finest grain and malt. Combined with the selection of the finest natural botanicals – like the blonde wheat for the Vodka and Juniper, Lemon grass, Sandel tree oil, just to mention a few for the Gin.


Waiting for perfection

The Whisky and Rum are matured in the best Oak casks for many years. We wait patiently for the exakt moment when taste & quality is absolutely best. In the end of the production, we then add the Iceberg water for the unique smoothness that defines all ISFJORD products. All our recipes are ensuring the spirits their unparalleled taste and characters that ISFJORD Premium Arctic Spirits are well known for: Raw smoothness!

Link: Fødevarestyrelsen - FDA - Denmark